Who Are We?

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC is a leader in developing and delivering quality yet extremely affordable materials, fabricated parts, and equipment for multiple industries. The company's core business includes refractory metal heat sinks (CuW, CuMo, CMC, CPC), fabricated microelectronics packaging components, molybdenum, tungsten and their alloy materials, and furnace equipment for electronics and solar cell industry.

Three Roll Mill has found a new home at MXD Process

As of May 1st, 2021 Torrey Hills Technologies (THT) Three Roll Mill product line has been acquired by MXD Process (MXD). Both companies and leaders have a long history in the mixing equipment industry.
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The Cutest Little Love Story
You've Never Heard

Tung Copper and Molly Denise are born in the same village. Tung's family is rich while Molly's is poor. They do not know each other until the day that Tung bumps into Molly on his rush to catch the train. Sparks fly and instant chemistry develops. However, parental disapproval is an obstacle to their happiness. Can their bond perservere?
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Torrey Hills Technologies Receives Furnace Order from IBM

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Receives Furnace Order from IBM - Click here for details.